Wednesday, October 25, 2006

if Mahatma Came Back!

When mahatma died
his eyes twinkled with hope
that someday, there wont be any descrimination
there wont be brutality
massive protests will be peaceful
and governments would understand
the value of peace

no one would be recognised
by their religion or caste..
just other than for the folksongs
and cuisines they inherit..
and they would be free to love!

and if he came back now
as he left,
what would shock him first?

now what would be "chauri chaura" like?
vidarbha? bhundelkhand?
or the endless nameless villages in andhra and rajastan?

what will he burn first, for poorna swaraj?
he might have to start with water.
stolen from village wells,
(leaving back chemically polluted ones..)
turned into colored colas and branded mineral water,
to be sold in hitech cities
filled with ignorant people digging their own graves
whom would he talk to, first?
the villagers,
or the very "indian" urban crowd?

and what would he have to say about the state sponsored violence?
Kashmir, North-East..
will he too call them terrorists
or will he teach them a non-violent freedom struggle?
will he lead them to say
"quit Kashmir "?

what will he have to say
about age old narmada bachao
and brand new posco
will he try telling the leaders again
"India thrives in its villages"?

or will he just go mad
because, for a human, its so hard..
such a beautiful dream,


sudeep said...

the post does make a point but there are some details that are debatable.. like whether mahatma really dreamt of a world where no one would be recognised by their religion or caste..

Sreejitha said...

it would have been nice to start with another conditional clause, IF Gandhi(OR Jiddhu or sreenarayana guru...)had such a dream...

I think they would have ended up as nothing if they ever attempted to create such a world.

Good leaders are so because they know their limitation.If not they might have developed into idealists.

LEt's think together and aloud.

pradeep said...

men like mahatma are not broken by circumstances....
situation was more bleak more tough in the pre independence era.. with a struggle with the british and the inside for power...

if mahatma did come back.. get ready for another revolution...
seems like a dream.. a overkill .. but thats the strength in principles.... make dreams come true..

gargi said...

i dont know, am not sure..
but i think they did have a dream..

what was it, it is debatable.
but how can they ,
without having a a dream at all?

why would they?