Wednesday, October 18, 2006


when did i want to write?
i wanted to do it since long.
why dint i?
well, i thought i wasnt qualified, may be.
i thought i wasnt good enough.

now i feel i'm the one to speak about it.
noone else will, noone else has to.

of a dead youth:

an essentially de-politicised childhood, we all share.

history, not very interesting topic.

cocacola, why not?

poor? do they exist?
(yes, i saw the photos on a forwarded mail..
really sad.)

from life?
we want freedom, money, love.
(freedom: what we have to save from pakistanis, may be by playing cricket
money:whatever my software company can pay me , they pay huge!!
{even when i work for 14 hours a day.. good that i dont know the labor laws}
love: not that one, it comes with anyone i live with, essentially of my caste. )


sudeep said...

ishtappettu, especially the poor in the forwarded mail:) it does give a feeling that you're ready to start writing. wish you a long way blogging! and happy birthday!!

sreejitha said...

the right time to do anything is after getting bored. it develops into a very good style, with a touch of humour, irony and truth. best of luck!

binlak said...

thanks for speaking up darling. i don't blog, though i wish to. looking forward to hearing more from you. Goodluck for an intense blogging.

clash said...

Happy Bloggin!!