Thursday, April 05, 2007

Of Love And Other Demons..

when i read marquez talk about it,
i like it, yes,
but i don't quite believe it.
the halos and the yellow butterflies.

sometimes things happen.
they take you beyond logic,
they teach you things beyond comprehension..

i find myself drunk, happy,
one night,
i get back to where i was staying,
and among a lot of people,
i see him.
i just see him and my heart collapses.

i try to analyse this with my worldly wisdom.
it says everything should be reasonable
for you to be and stay happy.

so how do i define this?
is it because i'm drunk?
am i getting stupid, because this dint happen in my teens..
is it because i dint meet anyone like him before?

i try to sleep.
and the next morning, i'm not drunk,
my heart leaps higher and higher just by his glimpse.
there's something wrong indeed.

so i decide to let it free.
i let it take its own path,
i let it grow..

sometimes, logic is not that real.
it tells me.
and sometimes, it can give you enormous amount of energy,
this irrationality.


Sobi said...

See clarity of thought ....

good one ...

keep writing ....

but i doubt ... can there be 2 great writers as neighbours ?

you are provoking me to write too....

sudeep said...

i can relate to that..
that intoxication (without having to consume alcohol)..
that leaping of heart..
but momentary.
i enjoy it when i'm at it..

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Anivar said...
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