Tuesday, April 15, 2008

when they play dirty, we watch.

it was the climax of a story which played for the last twelve years in kerala. the supreme court verdict is against the re-trial of the ice cream parlor case.

what was this case actually?
we think, its about sex trafficking, more than anything else. and it is a true, real issue.

yesterday, Mr Kunhalikkutty was on a press meet in Delhi, after which he says a cameraman, a friend, that.. "see this is what happens when someone tries to play against me. see who's in jail.."

this is a serious indication on what happens when an activist has to deal with power and politicians.

today, if you've watched the news, you feel that it was a case K Ajitha put against Mr Kunhalikkutty..everyone conveniently forgets its a sex-racket issue with so much socio-political implications.. the politician also wants that.. to portray the whole issue as a personal rivalry..and achieve the people's sympathy as a victim of this..

my experience as her daughter

from the time she, my mother was involved in this case, i remember how scary every day got..
lots of strangers came home, some with friendly grins and some very skeptical..

before this, i would fight home for returning back later than my allowed time..
i would wear anything i really liked..
but it all changed, not because anyone asked me to..
but i felt it.. something strange..

i was relieved when i left home for around five years
happy and free.
but when i reach this city, this state, my parents ask me to 'behave..'
and i took it as a cheap thing for them to do.

but now i know or realise that this place is dirty.
that they'll use any cheap kind of weapon against their enemy.
they never ever like an intellectual fight.
they don't even like thinking.

i don't agree with my mother for all her ideologies..
but i stand with her for her right to opinion.
i stand with her on her fights.


we write this mail to you, more to form a political opinion, force, if that is possible for her.
we know that, in a few days as the case is over, she will be cornered for her every word she used against a cheap politician last twelve years.

we can let her fight and die.

we can let all the trafficking cases like these to just be forgotten.
shaari, or any other girl.

or we can speak up.

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rash said...

Gargi. This is sadly a State of impotent imbeciles.