Monday, May 19, 2008

when i begin to understand her.

it scares me.

when i was little, i hated her
for many reasons.

why wouldn't she let me climb a tree?
why would she always want to find out
where papa is, never letting him have some anonymity?

even when the space around me seemed completely empty,
the fact that she's trying to find me
and she might succeed
made me hide better,
made me disgusted.

i'm not a mother.
i'm a wife for last few months.
i thought it never caught me.
i thought, it will never.

he goes to office this morning.
its one hour past, its two.
i'm irritated, walking around the house.
but where on earth is he? why doesn't he call?
i try to call some numbers i know.

me too..

just now, i begin to understand her, my mother.


Sobi said...

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.....

am happy that you have taken that tiny single step, and am pretty sure now, you will reach the destination :-)

SMITHA said...

realising others trough you with ur moments of life...lovely momnets...

resh said...

i'm sad. sad for both of u.. first, for the 'u then', and then for the 'u now'!

Anonymous said...

he goes to office this morning.
its one hour past, its two...