Friday, June 27, 2008

being balded!


thats what i feel now.

i like it,
taking bath got easy.
touching my head
and it feels like
a costly kind of velvet.

i like the way i look.
eyes, nose, mouth,

hair covered me
more than i imagined.
hair made me more civilised than i am.


Sobi said...

Looking at your shaved head was a bit scarry for me .... too many questions ran through my mind instantly .......

1. Shaving ones head can be seen as a symbol of renunciation, hair is a symbol of attachment and to shed it is to shed your life of worldly attachment ????

2. For centuries cutting of hair and the act of shaving one’s head has been an act of punishment, humiliation ....... ?????

3. Or is it an announcement of independence and freedom or is it a clue to an impending nervous break down? A way to release a painful part of your life and start new ????

4. Or its none of the above but just another of your usual attention seeking gimmick ???

Babitha Marina Justin said...

nice poem, :-)