Friday, September 26, 2008


he walks behind me,
around me.
in the secret streets i stray
he appears
pokes fingers
through my skin
plays rough
with my private parts.

he comes as an unwritten clause
of the agreement
i signed
the agreement to live
on agreements,
the agreement to stay
within limits.

he gets bigger
with every clause of agreement
i agree or not agree.

he penetrates me
from morning to night,
in my half conscious
i tell him
it was you i was scared of
it was just you.
the thousands of wars
that happen inside me
every fraction of a second,
i managed to win over everyone else
but you.

you, this man called guilt.


Abhijit Bhave said...

Hmm... Guilt..?? John Guilt???

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. I got no idea what to say!! This is one of the few blogs I have read, I usually just blog, and never read.. But then , your blog has the effect of watchin a good movie, a class movie, u have seen the akale movie? That kind of effect..

Havent read it completely, will do it soon though, would love to converse with you..

This my blog, Do get back in touch if you wish!!!



Chaitanya said...

Hey. I found you on Junuka's blog... I like this one.