Tuesday, November 04, 2008

to the one who just listened and smiled a lot.

what did that smile say?

i kept wondering
till i unwind
your life
your very existance

and i learn this.

you tried to tell me -

keep being what you are, darling,
whatever happens
be easy

loosing and winning
hurt or happy
love or lust
doesnt matter;

what matters is
you got to be true.
true to the maddest extends
it might take you to hell,
people will be scared of you
they might run away from you
got to be
my dear girl,
that is the only revolution
i believe in.

i miss you


if i said this said...

and this is the only revolution ...

lakshmy said...


Sobi said...

Despite the whatevers....

my admiration for you has always been for your honesty and genuiness ....

hugs gargi..