Wednesday, December 03, 2008

the 39th iffi!

film viewing in goa was not great.
there werent films that strangled me except one or two.

waltz with bashir



my eyes were open
open to make sure.



i cried watching a film after years
i wished that happens to me everytime i watched a film, yet.

she was like me, i thought,
and her grandma was like mine,
and her life, he love,
like me, like me.

someone says thats not the way i should watch films
i agree.
couldnt help.

autistic disco

that was one which dint have anything
that help you decide where it was going.
felt myself tremble.
background score killed me.

waiting for the sun

laughed a lot

there ends my list.
am sure i missed a lot of films..
was not keen on watching all the time.
got drunk some evening
got talking.

and deliberately avoided 'indian art', iranian, some hollywood.
and wong kar wai had me already.
not specifically proud of this, still.

1 comment:

sudeep said...

i cry watching almost every film where i am supposed to cry.. even if it is an aniyathipraav or mazhayethum mumpe :-)