Saturday, February 27, 2010

tell you what.

you say
poetry is on
you say
poetry is about
just the lost
days nights
and longings

and i tell you,
no, see...

last night we were
home talking
that meant
nothing much
on that social networking
and that virtual activism
on those people
we don't give a damn about
laughed on someone..
we laughed everyday

went high
on music love
and all that dope
till the time
we never remembered
what time it is,
went silent
fingertips and toes
lying dead or
forming shapes
and shadows

it is exactly this
i remember,
i lean forward
to kiss you
and i see
your eyes closed
in waiting
i wait with you
to see how beautiful
it is to wait
a moment pass
and i remember
i was here to kiss
it took me a slow
and soft one
and then
i knew
there could be
some other
there could be
just like this.


Sobi said...


Approximately me said...

Honestly, I'm wordless.

Abhijit Bhave said...


felt like i was drinking a potion, or.. was doping.. while i was reading your poetry.


gi. said...

wow :-)