Friday, April 30, 2010

The Mirror

This afternoon,
I am prepared for a
complete show down,
I tell myself.

I've known Seena for years.
There are many things
she wished she did.
There are many adventures
and misses
that circle her room
in the night time.

Like, last night
she was taking some steps down
somewhere in the middle of a garden.
But then, when she looked up
she saw fishes over her head
a huge aquarium for a sky.
No, not like
underneath the sea with a blue backdrop -
everything was green,
even water.

She lied a lot,
I remember.
Sometimes it was just how
she thought it was.
And some other times,
she was scared.
(If I told him
it wasn't really interesting
being me
would he still stay?)
The stories she narrated
were almost believable.
When someone asked her why
she never had answers.

I am her psycho-analyst.
I know she would talk about
the dream of fishes
and a green aquarium above her head -
I will look into her eyes and say
That's okay, my dear, don't worry about it,
It's curable.