Sunday, May 16, 2010

one fine morning,

after years of debates
and discussions on freedom,
they've decided to be totally free,
ajayan and remya.

they've decided that
for everything in their house,
for the broom and the tea spoon.

remya struggles
with her days and nights
she's not used to
that kind of a notion
when she can do anything
she thinks and thinks,
what should be done, really.

ajayan roams around
room to the other room
whole nights and days
doing everything
he had ever wanted to.

none of them had encountered
freedom that directly.
now,it may take years again,
on how to leave oneself alone
- and another fine morning.


നജൂസ്‌ said...

and another fine morning!!

de silent spectator said...

Different !!

Sobi said...