Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things Like Pure Pleasure.

When you can't think of it
in terms of words;
images such as these,
dark nights of thick green forests
or deep blues of undersides of the ocean -
you will have to refer to,
in order to explain
what you have in mind.

You could also
use phrases such as
rats running
on my rooftop
or a rainy evening sky.

Thats what I was saying,
about what happens
when you wish to talk about
things like
pure pleasure.

Tell me,  what would you say
when my fingers run through
your skin -
when each hair throbs, shivers
becomes inexistent
on the exact moment
the touch moves on
just to shift
the throbs and shivers?

You might never
completely tell it,
neither with words,
nor with phrases.

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My favorite.