Friday, February 02, 2007

afterthoughts of recent films...


as one of my friends said..,
we are already so careeristic..
do we need a film to justify our
and unawareness..

traffic signal:

i dint get disappointed like this
for years now..

i hate it when they take such issues and
then play around as if its their matter.
they can justify anything,
and at the end of the film,
it wants to make you sad about beaking a traffic signal
and making a fly over.
it was so bad that they professed
traffic signals should be kept for the people living around.
i think these are different issues.
page 3 was a bad attempt.
this one's bad bad.


this is why i like karan johar better.
he doesnt like talking serious to mess with it.


sudeep said...

did you see parzania?

augustine said...

how can you get along with karanjohar and feminism together..?

virtualwinter said...
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virtualwinter said...

anyways....i am confused...but still ican see that you really have faith in feminism in its real sense..