Thursday, February 15, 2007

parzaania - a ray of hope

i was quite cynical when i went to see.
its so tender a topic to be discussed.
so vulnerable.
and hence, so scary.

not a very good production.
script seemed a little bookish..

i wonder how dare they speak the truth.
of gujarat.
oh my god,
i've heard people screaming at the top of their voices
i've seen people trying to draw pictures
on the walls which just disppear amoung the thousand other colorful ones.

and who cares for the truth?
no one does.

truth, justice,
all manipulated words.
i'm not even sure if i should use them..

and here i see a hope.
a little bleak one.
but still.

they managed to speak of EVERYTHING that happened there.
without trying to save faces of anyone.
yes, not just one, but all the stories are told..
how they raped.
how they killed.
how they drank the blood.
how they lit every street on fire.
how they organised it.
how well!

thank you, parzaania.


augustine said...
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augustine said...

and only onething i found in that film that deserves mention is that foriegn guys perfomance...and his identity crisis especially when he witnesses such an event like religious riot...his perplexed state caused by his own identity as a foriegner comes in thge way of his identity as a human being..and its right to to be involved only as a human being is being hindered...that was shocking...and one more thing is there even without being a foriegner by citizenship i myself is expeieincing the stranger feeling in India..horrible