Friday, February 23, 2007

on pain..

on the streets of this strange city,
i have to re-think my notions.

on everything.
on humanity, on companionship,
on love;
on pain..

physical pain was extra-ordinary for me.
inside our homes, a pain or a wound used to be highly attended
every bit of care taken from the moment it appears till its last day.
i dint know it was a fortunate luxury to have.

some day on the street i saw a boy
he had a wound on his belly
it was a big one, puss coming out from it..
its sight frigtened me.
and the look in his eyes startled.
he was playing with a girl of the same age,
he almost dint know such a thing existed on his body.
what was his chances of living?
it was so huge that it must've spread inside.

yesterday i saw a dog
it looked like it suffered from far
when i reached near, i realised
it had a part of his head cut off.
its skull was seen.

and now,
i feel ashamed of using the word pain
even without having the slightest idea
of what it really means
for being a part of that priviledged lot
who dont really understand any of these words truely.
hunger, poverty, shelter,

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Vidhya said...

.... for all that we see today, started from the middle of human unawareness...

we wanted a developed country, an accelerating growth... hence more rocket science, more textile factories, more competetion... and all the rest of it...

we see that one has to unlearn so much, so as to realize that one exists in a highly doped, narrow space..!!

it does not take a thought, rather much more far beyond... to observe with the same intesity...

and that is where probably, we might have to start... bring in an awareness... to make people live in true sense, not letting bigger part of life, just pass by... and die not knowing what they missed to understand...