Saturday, December 15, 2007

that word.

is it banned or something?
i dint hear anyone using that word lately.
or does it really exist,
coz i just have a faded memory
of reading that
in my long lost history textbooks.

we hear the recent election calls,
someone saying vote for us
coz we killed them the most
the other one saying
oh, we dint yet, but we will..

but, how many are there now?
and those who are left,
they were raped but not killed,
houses burned but they escaped.
how do their days pass?
do they eat?

oh, i was talking of a word.
that word,


bobinson said...

demo - crazy !

arathy said...

finally ur voice after long
so long...
the silence was a string...

adhishg said...

voice of democracy..its a nice write up...i liked your whole blog..dont change you style..its honest...