Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i have this tendency to...

i have lots of tendencies.

but this one is regarding
my tendency to say
i am happy.

i don't know if that assuring myself
helped me in anyway.
i think it helped me
only to compromise with what i really dint want
with my life, my relationships.

i'm slowly learning to say
what i feel.
it's tough...

how will the other feel?
what would they think about me?
will saying what i feel
do anything good to what i really feel?
and a hundred other questions..



Sobi said...

if one is not honest with oneself, what else matters ?

Abhijit Bhave said...

hmm.. Geee, thanks for writing this blog..!! that makes things much simpler not only for you but everybody else..!! :-)

(but, of all those times you said you were happy.. when you were with me..???? )

!! I want an answer !!