Monday, April 13, 2009

long time isn't it?

what has happened to me?

am happy, yet confused as ever.

where to be?
what to do?

and all the more sillier questions like
what is life for me
what is love
and what others have succeeded
so far
is to make myself
feel a lot
guiltier than i should be.
or why should i be?

i can't communicate this enough.
but guilt lies there
a snake that gets bigger and bigger with time
within me
and refuses to move out
or just, even, move.

it fails me.


mohitparikh said...

'sillier questions'
dont think questions are silly. try and find the answers.

Jayesh San said...

it communicates a lot

Surface said...

These are sillier to her because she has used it long!
love, guilt is quite unlikely of you!

Pika said...

Hello, these questions also used to trouble me, but then i thought may be i am exaggerating it and left it there and tried to live on my life....

mikimbizi said...


Sobi said...

makes sense...