Tuesday, June 01, 2010


in and out of this room
i gather a thousand sounds
ghosts of my past
out and about
its wide open window panes

this room
floods with stories
images i've been pretending
to forget,
all the wrongs
painfully accounted for.

my head crowds
with fear,
some plots of conspiracy
and other instances, wounds.

and then
you wake up
i look at you
i try to see,
would you still love me,
the me i've never completely
let go of.

you don't understand but yawn
i look around,
find everyone gone.

i try to smile.


Nilofer said...

Da...I really loved this one.
It was a moody sleepless early Sunday morning in a not-so-familiar space in Bombay. Me logged onto the internet for nothing else to do... I read this out to sleepy her... it sounded perfect! :)

This came to me then...

gi. said...

wow nilu :)
not had a better comment..

love you too.

Sobi said...