Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a night in a village home...

oh, how romantic is our concept of a village home.
people living peacefully
rice fields around
cattle, cats.. :)
fresh air.

i knew it was a wrong and a stupid concept of city-ites..
but had no clue how wrong.

i'm staying at a friend's place,
in a so-called village,
wanting to write, wanting to be silent.

where i'm staying, a woman alone of fourty stays..
when i got up in the mid of the night,
i saw her lying in the kitchen on the floor.
i thought it was quite unsual..
she said she dint like the fan int the room or soemething..
which i dint quite believe..

morning and she says ...
she couldnt sleep ..
after a lot of questions, she tells us,
for nights, there's been some neighbor
who loves her more than himself
comes to the house at around 2 o clock..
he tried to touch her when she sleeps..
when she makes herself far away,
he tries to use a stick to reach her..!
and when she tells a man at the neighborhood,
he, the sweetheart says
"its not me"
not to talk of compassion!

how strangely lust works
in a beautiful village of this gods own country!

1 comment:

freebird said...

hearing about this for the first time ?

this was even celebrated / sold in one of our movies ... (തേന്മാവിന്‍ കൊംബത്ത്) It was one of the 'funniest' scenes in the movie !