Tuesday, June 12, 2007

god willing!

she was just 14 and she got married to a much older man,
as his seccond wife.

she was this woman,
who prayed all five times in a day
who looked after every kid of the house,
her seven sons and three daughters and their children.

every morning,
she cleaned the house,
washed the clothes washed the dishes
smiled to everyone and always.

she had this secret wish, i knew,
to have a house of her own,
to work less
and to be easy.
whenever she mentioned this, no one cared much
and she herself was unsure,
am i being "selfish"
will God find me gultiy?

she died one of these days.
she might go to heaven as she wished.

i keep wondering what does this heaven carry for women..
i wish atleast there she doesnt become another slave
coz she's a woman..
or are good women allowed to change their gender in heaven?


usha said...

beautiful thought!

sudeep said...

beautiful? or sad? or both?

Abhi said...

nice poem! - T

freebird said...

who is a good women ?

Sobi said...

Sigh ...

people who have no better things to do can write "such stuff" and console / comfort themselves.

If you need to write something to feel good about yourself, thats not a bad idea ... yeah, kind of a passing phase ....

sudeep said...

sobi, better things to do.. like what? could you explain a little more?